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Perleta Soap Co. brings to you an outstanding range of superior quality shaving soaps. We have an exclusive range that will meet specific shaving needs.

Buy our shaving soaps and save your skin from harsh chemicals that make it age fast, cause irritation and cause some severe skin conditions such as Ezcema. Buy organic soap from Perleta Soap Co. and enjoy the specifically formulated Soap that will help you feel amazing from the first shave and will help combat any skin conditions that you have been experiencing with previous brands.


We admit that there is no shortage of shaving soaps on the market but what sets our shaving soaps apart from what you find elsewhere is the quality of the ingredients that we use and the fact that we do not use any preservative or harsh chemicals in any of our soaps.

Moreover, all the soaps that we manufacture are 100% handmade. Our soaps will not only save your skin from damaging chemicals but the goat’s milk and high oil content in our soaps will keep your skin moisturized and supple.

Our carefully developed blends of essential oils will go far beyond simple cleaning action and we can create the right soap for your needs.

For healthy skin, choose natural soaps from Perleta Soap Co and you will be happy with your choice. Our long list of happy customers from across the globe vouch for the quality of our products. You do not have to take our word for it but you just need to try our shaving soaps once and you will see the difference yourself.

Parabens – are just some of the nasty ingredients that find their way into millions of standard soap bars each and every day. As such, it’s hardly surprising that so many users of conventional soap find their skin feeling tight and dry day in and day out. These are exactly the kinds of ingredients that never have and never will find their way into any of our products – if it’s not going to benefit your body then we don’t use it.

We have had many delighted customers who have said that Perleta Soap Co. has been effective in helping their skin allergy such as Eczema, Psoriasis or Dermatitis.

Please read our Philosophy for more information.

All your orders are processed fast and delivered promptly. We ship nationally as well as internationally. Review our online store for the latest selection of shaving soaps.

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